Whole blood gene expression and interleukin-6 levels

Honghuang Lin, Roby Joehanes, Luke C. Pilling, Josée Dupuis, Kathryn L. Lunetta, Sai Xia Ying, Emelia J. Benjamin, Dena Hernandez, Andrew Singleton, David Melzer, Peter J. Munson, Daniel Levy, Luigi Ferrucci, Joanne M. Murabito

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Background: Circulating interleukin-6 levels increase with advancing age and are a risk factor for various diseases and mortality. The characterization of gene expression profiles associated with interleukin-6 levels might suggest important molecular events underlying its regulation. Methods and results: We studied the association of transcriptional profiles with interleukin-6 levels in 2422 participants from the Framingham Heart Study Offspring Cohort using Affymetrix Human Exon 1.0 ST Array. We identified 4139 genes that were significantly associated with interleukin-6 levels (FDR.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)490-495
Number of pages6
Issue number6
StatePublished - Dec 1 2014
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  • Epidemiology
  • Gene expression
  • Inflammation
  • Interleukin-6

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  • Genetics


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