What are ophthalmology patients asking online? An analysis of the eye triage subreddit

Heba Mahjoub, Arpan V. Prabhu, Shameema Sikder

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Importance: Ophthalmology patients are seeking medical advice on social media websites like Reddit, where users are able to post comments and discuss issues pertaining to different topics that are organized in ‘subreddits’. Understanding which issues are most pertinent will guide ophthalmic providers in delivering more effective patient education. Methods: This cross-sectional study assessed a systematic sample of the first 22 posts and their top 3 comments from each month since January 27th, 2019, the subreddit’s creation. Information was gathered from reddit.com/r/eyetriage in October 2019 and analyzed in November 2019. Main Outcomes: The posts were characterized by date and time, inclusion of an image, type, content, emotional tone, and number of upvotes and comments. The comments were categorized based on content, emotional tone, time of comment, and user background. Post and comment content codes were categorized in an iterative manner with differences resolved by author consensus. Categorical statistics were compiled. Results: Two hundred posts and 456 comments were analyzed since the creation of r/ eyetriage, a forum created exclusively for patients to seek advice from health-care profes-sionals. Twenty-six (13%) of the total posts included an image. On average, comments received 1.76 ± 2.17 upvotes along with 4.50 ± 4.47 replies. The most common content codes among the posts were 42 (21.0%) seeking diagnoses, 23 (11.5%) surgical complica-tions, and 13 (6.50%) alternative medication options. Eighty-two (41%) posts conveyed a clear emotional tone, most notably 11 (13.4%) with anxiety and 10 (12.2%) with worry. The top comments came from 165 (36.2%) self-identified patients, 151 (33.1%) optometrists, and 49 (10.8%) ophthalmologists. The top comment codes for replies included 158 (34.7%) with treatment advice, 70 (15.4%) with advice deferred to follow-up appointment with other health-care specialists, and 60 (13.2%) with sharing information. Conclusions: Patients are asking ophthalmology-related questions on the Eye Triage sub-reddit, and they are more likely to receive information from other patients or optometrists than from self-identified ophthalmologists. When emotions were revealed, patients were often anxious and worried. Opportunities exist for ophthalmologists to take a more active role on this subreddit and help educate patients.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalClinical Ophthalmology
StatePublished - 2020


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