Value-based medicine and ophthalmology: An appraisal of costutility analyses

Gary C. Brown, Melissa M. Brown, Sanjay Sharma, Heidi Brown, Lindsay Smithen, David B. Leeser, George Beauchamp, Charles P. Wilkinson, W. Banks Anderson, George L. Spaeth, David L. Guyton, Rick Ferris, Carol L. Shields

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Purpose: To ascertain the extent to which ophthalmologic interventions have been evaluated in value-based medicine format. Methods: Retrospective literature review. Papers in the healthcare literature utilizing cost-utility analysis were reviewed by researchers at the Center for Value-Based Medicine, Flourtown, Pennsylvania. A literature review of papers addressing the cost-utility analysis of ophthalmologic procedures in the United States over a 12-year period from 1992 to 2003 was undertaken using the National Library of Medicine and EMBASE databases. The cost-utility of ophthalmologic interventions in inflation-adjusted (real) year 2003 US dollars expended per quality-adjusted life-year ($/QALY) was ascertained in all instances. Results: A total of 19 papers were found, including a total of 25 interventions. The median cost-utility of ophthalmologic interventions was $5,219/QALY, with a range from $746/QALY to $6.5 million/QALY. Conclusions: The majority of ophthalmologic interventions are especially cost-effective by conventional standards. This is because of the substantial value that ophthalmologic interventions confer to patients with eye diseases for the resources expended.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)177-188
Number of pages12
JournalTransactions of the American Ophthalmological Society
StatePublished - 2004

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