U.S. newborn screening system guidelines: Statement of the council of regional networks for genetic services

B. L. Therrell, S. R. Panny, A. Davidson, J. Eckman, W. H. Hannon, M. A. Henson, M. Hillard, S. Kling, H. L. Levy, F. J. Meaney, E. R.B. McCabe, V. Mordaunt, K. Pass, E. Shapira, J. Tuerck

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The Council of Regional Networks for Genetic Services (CORN) was created in 1985 to provide a forum for information exchange among groups concerned with public health aspects of genetic services. The newborn screening committee includes representatives from each genetic region of the United States (equally divided among laboratories and administrators) and liaison members from related professional groups. State and regional newborn screening programs across the U.S. vary widely in most aspects of their organization and hence their program outcome. The Newborn Screening Committee of CORN has identified eight specific areas of mutual importance to all programs. These areas include: organization and administration; selection and evaluation of disorders for screening; communication; quality assurance; funding; diagnosis, management, treatment and counseling; program evaluation; and liability. Basic guidelines have been developed in these areas so that U.S. screening programs may begin to achieve uniform consistency in outcome. The guidelines are not intended to judge standard of care, but rather are meant as a framework about which to mold newborn screening programs.

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StatePublished - Apr 1992
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