Unpacking linkage and reengagement in HIV care: A day in the life of a positive charge care coordinator

The Positive Charge Intervention Team

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AIDS United’s Positive Charge (PC) was a multiorganizational HIV linkage to care program implemented in five U.S. locations. To better understand the process of linkage and reengagement in care, we conducted interviews with care coordinators and program supervisors at 20 PC implementing agencies. Though linkage to care is often considered a single column in the HIV continuum of care, we found that it contains several underlying and often complex steps. The steps described are: identifying individuals in need of services; contacting those individuals through a variety of means; assessing and addressing needs and barriers to care; initial engagement (or reengagement) in HIV primary care; and provision of ongoing support to promote retention. We highlight strategies used to complete these steps. These findings will be of utility to other HIV interventions that aim to improve linkage and engagement in HIV care.

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JournalAIDS Education and Prevention
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StatePublished - Oct 2015

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