TRPγ, a Drosophila TRP-related subunit, forms a regulated cation channel with TRPL

X. Z Shawn Xu, Fred Chien, Alice Butler, Larry Salkoff, Craig Montell

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TRP and TRPL are two light-sensitive cation channel subunits required for the Drosophila photoresponse; however, our understanding of the identities, subunit composition, and function of the light-responsive channels is incomplete. To explain the residual photoresponse that remains in the trp mutant, a third TRP-related subunit has previously been proposed to function with TRPL. Here, we identify such a subunit, TRPγ. We show that TRPγ is highly enriched in photoreceptor cells and preferentially heteromultimerizes with TRPL in vitro and in vivo. The N-terminal domain of TRPγ dominantly suppressed the TRPL-dependent photoresponse, indicating that TRPγ-TRPL heteromultimers contribute to the photoresponse. While TRPL and TRPγ homomultimers are constitutively active, we demonstrate that TRPL-TRPγ heteromultimers form a regulated phospholipase C-(PLC-) stimulated channel.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)647-657
Number of pages11
Issue number3
StatePublished - 2000

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