Trichomonas vaginalis infection among young pregnant women in Brazil

Angelica E. Miranda, Valdir M. Pinto, Charlotte A. Gaydos

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Our goal was to determine the prevalence of Trichomonas vaginalis and its associated risk factors in parturient women aged 15-24 years attending Brazilian public maternity units. Participants answered a demographic, behavioral, and clinical data questionnaire. A sample of urine was screened for T. vaginalis. A total 299 women participated in this study. The prevalence rate of T. vaginalis was 7.7% (95% CI: 4.7-10.7%). The factors associated with T. vaginalis were use of illicit drugs [OR = 4.70 (95% CI: 1.63-13.56, p= 0.004)] and not attending antenatal care [OR = 5.15 (95% CI: 1.15-23.25, p= 0.032)]. These data demonstrate that it is important to discuss how to include routine screening for T. vaginalis during antenatal care in Brazil.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)669-671
Number of pages3
JournalBrazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases
Issue number6
StatePublished - 2014


  • Pregnancy
  • Prevalence
  • Risk factors
  • Trichomonas vaginalis

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