The larynx and pharynx: xeroradiographic technique

F. A. Osterman, B. W. Gayler, G. H. Zeman

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A brief review of the anatomy of the pharynx and larynx is presented, with attention to the appearance of certain anatomic structures on the lateral xeroradiograph of the neck. The more commonly encountered disease processes are also reviewed and their xeroradiographic features noted. The advantages of xeroradiography over regular radiography in the evaluation of soft tissue disorders include wide exposure latitude and edge enhancement; however, the broad area contrast in the final image is low. The authors have found diminished dosage requirements as well as lack of toner deletions in negative mode xeroradiography in comparison to positive mode development. Several cases utilizing their xeroradiographic techniques are shown, and a discussion of the findings is also presented.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationAPPL.RADIOL.NUCL.MED.
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StatePublished - 1976
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