The effect of LSD on sleep-deprived men

Daniel J. Safer

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Thirteen young men were tested to determine the motor, attention, physiologic, and behavioral effects of 1.5 μg/kg of LSD taken orally after one or two nights' loss of sleep. Twenty additional subjects were tested in two control categories: 1.5 μg/kg of LSD alone and one night's sleep loss alone. The major significant results of the study were: the onset of characteristic LSD behavior and attention impairments was more rapid in those men who received LSD after loss of sleep than in the drug-alone group; the sleep-loss-LSD subjects showed inaccuracies in problem solving and vigilance tests not present in the controls; and the men who received LSD after two nights' loss of sleep showed increases in pulse rate, pupil size, and 3-hour plasma levels of LSD when compared with those subject groups which received the drug alone and the drug after one night's sleep loss.

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  • Attention
  • Hallucinations
  • LSD 25
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  • Sleep Derivation

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