Synthesis of DNA-binding protein in WI-38 cells stimulated to synthesize DNA by medium replacement

B. K. Choe, N. R. Rose

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Synthesis of DNA-binding proteins was investigated in WI-38 human diploid fibroblast cultures after stimulation with serum containing medium. Density-inhibited confluent monolayers of young (phase II) and aging (phase III) WI-38 cells can be stimulated to synthesize DNA by replacing the medium with fresh medium containing 10% fetal calf serum. Of the phase II cells, 35-50% showed a partially synchronized burst of DNA-synthesizing activity between 15 and 24 h whereas only 4-6% of phase III cells showed DNA-synthesizing activity at 20 h, and that cell fraction was increasing even at 38 h. This suggests either an extremely prolonged G 1 in stimulated phase III cells, or a heterogeneity of the population (e.g., a mixed population of pre- and postmitotic cells) for phase III cells. At various times after the change of medium, DNA-binding protein synthesis was examined in these stimulated cultures. Protein of mol. wt 20 000-25 000 D accumulated rapidly during early G 1 and declined thereafter, whereas larger protein (40 000 and 68 000 D) accumulated during the late G 1 or G 1-S transition period indicating that accumulation of these proteins is associated with the onset of DNA synthesis in the serum-stimulated cells. In cultures where the DNA synthesis has been reduced or inhibited by an excess of thymidine, hydroxyurea or dibutyryl cAMP, the accumulation of the larger proteins (40 000 and 68 000 D) was neglible as compared with non-stimulated cultures. Hydrocortisone did not exert any effect on the DNA-binding protein synthesis in phase II cells. However, it seems to increase the cell fraction which can respond to the serum factor in phase III cells as evidenced from the pattern of DNA-binding proteins synthesis.

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JournalExperimental cell research
Issue number2
StatePublished - Feb 1974
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