SU‐E‐P‐25: Evaluation of First Online Application to Monitor Treatment Machines, Measurement Data and Related Job Tasks

Wolfram Laub, C. Webb, P. Koltermann

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Purpose: The movement of modern hospitals and companies towards a higher level of organization and quality control demands access to all information relevant to ones responsibilities. An environment with an ever‐increasing work‐load requires effective and timely decision making. A tool that keeps the user informed on all of his tasks is absolutely essential. Methods: The tool was evaluated based on known tasks, duties and needs of medical‐physicists. In particular was this: distinguishing between various needs in a group, monitoring of all QAs, clinics, linacs and measurement devices, using one multiple online platform, being independent of specific measurement‐devices, data import (manually, automated), data evaluation comparison (manufacturer vs. tool) and comparison of global qa criteria vs. manufacturer criteria. System‐requirements: Available for almost all os and browsers ( after 2003). Results: We found this tool to improve the overall quality on all items related to monitoring treatment machines, tasks and processes. With various user‐rights and views and by controlling and monitoring of duties everywhere and 24‐7 tools like this can set a needed standard. The technical method used for this first tool is highly advanced giving prove by being available e.g. for all os. Even complicate processes like importing from data‐files and evaluation of the data was successfully tested and demonstrate new available options. The check if a user can truly be independent of specific devices, data formats, data comparison etc. was archived and is promising. Conclusion: Using this online tool enables medical‐physicists to establish a central point of data acquisition and to manage their facilities with all the attention and speed the job requires.An online tool as common standard independent of manufacturers who have their own goals enables medical‐physicists to fulfill their job as they would want to. Herewith I, Peer Koltermann, disclose to work for P2PMPI Medical Physics Interaction offering the first online application for monitoring in medical physics.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Number of pages1
JournalMedical Physics
Issue number6
StatePublished - Jan 1 2013
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