Suburethral diverticulum in the female

D. S. Ginsburg, R. Genadry

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Suburethral diverticulum (SUD) in the female was first described by William Hey, in 1805, who stated that he had treated his first case in 1786 (52). The literature thereafter contained only sporadic case reports until Hunner (28) reviewed a small series in 1938. From that time on, perhaps because of increased awareness of the condition, the number of reports increased. Reports in the gynecologic literature have thus far been few. Pathak and House (42), Hoffman and Adams (25), and Wharton and TeLinde (54) have reported on a combined total of 171 cases dating up until 1970. Davis and TeLinde's report in 1958 included the cases reported by Wharton and TeLinde in 1956 and represented the summarized experience at the Johns Hopkins Hospital from 1931-1956, a total of 121 cases (13). The purpose of this report is to update and review the literature on the subject of suburethral diverticulum in the female.

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JournalObstetrical and Gynecological Survey
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StatePublished - Dec 1 1984

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