Structure and formation of the cytomegalovirus virion

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Transport and protection of the nuclear-replicating double-stranded DNA genome of herpesviruses is accomplished by the virion and its substructures. Studies of the composition, organization, and formation of these particles have provided insight into the molecular mechanisms of virus assembly, leads for antiviral strategies, and information about cellular processes that are required for, resemble, or antagonize virus replication. This chapter updates earlier reviews on the structure and formation human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) virions (Gibson 1996, 2006; Eickmann et al. 2006), and complements several other reviews on herpesvirus structure and replication presented in this volume (see the chapters by E. Murphy and T. Shenk, Z. Ruzsics and U. Koszinowski, R. Kalejta, and G.S. Pari) and elsewhere (Rixon 1993; Steven and Spear 1997; Brown et al. 2002; Varnum et al. 2004; Liu and Zhou 2007).

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