Stanley J. Dudrick, MD: A paradigm shift

Juan A. Sanchez, John Michael Daly

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Were Thomas S. Kuhn to rewrite his famous treatise, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, he might have referred to Stanley J. Dudrick's seminal works on parenteral nutrition as a classic paradigm shift, highlighting the intense early criticism of this work as evidence of the inherent conflict created whenever prevailing schools of thought are faced with new modes of thinking. Dr Dudrick (Figure 1) developed a predilection for gravitating toward uncomfortable, if not unpopular, positions, and often pointed out the elephants in the room whenever the opportunity arose. An archetype for the triple-threat surgeon, he epitomizes what can be done in one lifetime and still have ample time to enjoy the love, respect, and friendship of the individuals whose lives have been enriched in the process.

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JournalArchives of surgery
Issue number6
StatePublished - Jun 2010
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