Sources of awareness, perceptions, and use of JUUL e-cigarettes among adult cigarette smokers

Julia Cen Chen-Sankey, Andy S.L. Tan, Meghan Bridgid Moran, Samir Soneji, Stella J. Lee, Kelvin Choi

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Introduction Given JUUL e-cigarettes’ potential for smoking cessation and its drastically increased sales in the U.S., more evidence is needed to understand the antecedents of JUUL use among adult cigarette smokers. This study assessed the relationships between awareness sources, perceptions about using JUUL, and JUUL use behavior. Methods In an online study with adult smokers who were aware of JUUL e-cigarettes (n = 341), respondents reported their sources for learning about JUUL, perceptions of using JUUL versus Vuse (a competitor brand), and ever and past-30-day (current) JUUL use. Multivariable logistic regressions were used to examine the associations between awareness sources, perceptions, and JUUL use, adjusting for covariates. Results Learning about JUUL through internet ads was associated with positive perceptions about JUUL compared to Vuse, including JUUL was more fun to use (AOR = 2.04, 95% CI = 1.21, 3.42) and tastier (AOR = 1.96, 95% CI = 1.19, 3.22). Perceiving JUUL as being tastier (AOR = 2.07, 95% CI = 1.23, 3.49), more helpful for quitting smoking (AOR = 2.07, 95% CI = 1.22, 3.53), and cooler (AOR = 2.07, 95% CI = 1.21, 3.56) than Vuse was associated with ever using JUUL. Only perceiving JUUL as being tastier (AOR = 1.98, 95% CI = 1.10, 3.59) than Vuse was associated with current use of JUUL. Discussion Adult smokers may be more likely to focus on the sensory and social experience of using JUUL rather than JUUL’s smoking cessation benefits. These positive perceptions are likely to be influenced by internet ads in general instead of JUUL’s official marketing outlets. They are also more likely to sustain JUUL use than JUUL’s perceived smoking cessation benefits.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numbere0238377
JournalPloS one
Issue number9 September
StatePublished - Sep 2020

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