Some cases of two-dimensional duct flow of a fluid with internal rotation

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A fluid model with internal rotation (micropolar fluid) was proposed in [1-5], in which the general equations were derived and solutions of certain steady-state problems were presented (the equations presented in [5] and the steady-state solutions of these equations [5-7] differ somewhat from the corresponding results of [1-4, 8]). The essential feature of this model is the account for the proper rotation of the fluid molecules or particles suspended in the fluid, which makes possible a more detailed description of the behavior of fluids with complex internal structure-for example, suspensions and biological fluids [5, 8]. In the following we present some results of a study of Poisseuille and Couette flow of a fluid with internal rotation between parallel plates.

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JournalFluid Dynamics
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StatePublished - Nov 1969
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