Social determinants of health as potential influencers of a collaborative care intervention for patients with hypertension

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Objectives: The use of collaborative care teams, comprising nurse care managers and community health workers, has emerged as a promising strategy to tackle hypertension disparities by addressing patients’ social determinants of health. We sought to identify which social determinants of health are associated with a patient’s likelihood of engaging with collaborative care team members and with the nurse care manager’s likelihood of enlisting community health workers (CHW) to provide additional support to patients. Methods: We conducted a within-group longitudinal analysis of patients assigned to receive a collaborative care intervention in a pragmatic, cluster randomized trial that aims to reduce disparities in hypertension control (N=888). Generalized estimating equations were used to identify which social determinants of health, reported on the study’s baseline survey, were associated with the odds of patients engaging with the collaborative care intervention, and of nurses deploying community health workers. Results: Patients who were unable to work and those with higher health literacy were less likely to engage with the collaborative care team than those who were employed full time or had lower health literacy, respectively. Patients had a greater likelihood of being referred to a community health worker by their care manager if they reported higher health literacy, perceived stress, or food insecurity, while those reporting higher numeracy had lower odds of receiving a CHW referral. Implications/Conclusions: A patient’s social determinants of health influence the extent of engagement in a collaborative care intervention and nurse care manager appraisals of the need for supplementary support provided by community health workers.

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JournalEthnicity and Disease
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StatePublished - Dec 2021


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