Single ventricle repair for conotruncal anomalies

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Conotruncal heart defects are characterized by a defect in the conotruncal septum. Associated cardiac malformations are diverse and contribute to the complexity of treatment. Biventricular repair remains challenging, and as a result surgical management is controversial. Biventricular repair has advantages by establishing normal anatomy and physiology, however, it seems a high operative risk in certain more complex forms, and a univentricular heart repair is preferred in certain complex conotruncal anomalies.

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Title of host publicationSurgery of Conotruncal Anomalies
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
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ISBN (Electronic)9783319230573
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2016


  • Biventricular repair
  • Double outlet right ventricle
  • Fontan
  • Noncommitted VSD
  • Univentricular repair
  • VSD enlargement
  • Ventricular septal defect

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