Serum Cholesterol in Young Men and Cardiovascular Disease

B. Corvilain, J. Matte, C. Litvine, Michael J. Klag, Lucy A. Mead, David M. Levine

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To the Editor: Klag et al. (Feb. 4 issue)1 report a strong correlation between the serum cholesterol level measured early in adult life in men and the incidence of cardiovascular disease in midlife. In contrast to other investigators,24 they did not find a “J-shaped” relation between total mortality and the serum cholesterol level. Such a relation has been attributed to an excess of deaths from noncardiovascular causes among patients with low levels of serum cholesterol – for example, from cancer, accidents, or suicide. From the authors' Table 2, we calculated death from noncardiovascular causes. This was consistent with a…

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)138
Number of pages1
JournalNew England Journal of Medicine
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jul 8 1993

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