Scleral nodule associated with sarcoidosis

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PURPOSE: To describe an unusual case of an inflammatory scleral nodule associated with systemic sarcoidosis. DESIGN: Observational case report. METHODS: A patient presented with a red, painful, elevated scleral nodule on the left eye that was unresponsive to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and topical corticosteroids. RESULTS: Laboratory evaluation was normal with the exception of elevated liver function tests. Further evaluation by a gastroenterologist revealed a granulomatous hepatitis secondary to sarcoidosis, which was confirmed by liver biopsy. Treatment with oral prednisone resulted in resolution of the hepatitis and scleral nodule. The patient has been recurrence-free over 7 months of follow-up. CONCLUSION: Although rare, scleral disease may be associated with sarcoidosis.

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JournalAmerican journal of ophthalmology
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StatePublished - Oct 1 2003

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