David H. Sliney

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With the development of any new biomedical or surgical technique using a potentially hazardous new technology, it is necessary to consider health hazards to both the patient and medical personnel. Lasers used in surgery and in some other biomedical applications can pose potential hazards to both the patient and to the laser operating personnel. Because the laser beam is normally in the open when emitted from a surgical laser, special precautions are necessary. Unlike many applications of relatively high-powered lasers in industry where the laser may be enclosed, the very nature of most laser surgical procedures requires the use of administrative controls and the use of protective eyewear rather than engineering controls such as beam enclosures, baffles, etc. A hazard analysis and laser classification of a new laser system is considered, along with present laser safety standards. Special standards and regulations for medical and surgical lasers are outlined.

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StatePublished - 1982
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