Reproductive traits including seasonal observations on semen quality and serum hormone concentrations in the Dorcas gazelle

J. G. Howard, D. E. Wildt, P. K. Chakraborty, M. Bush

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Seminal traits, testicular volume, body weight and serum testosterone levels were determined monthly for one year in 3 adult male Dorcas gazelles (Gazella dorcas). Serial blood samples were evaluated for cortisol and testosterone concentrations to determine the acute effect of electroejaculation, and the longevity of spermatozoal viability in vitro also was assessed. High percentages of progressively motile, normal spermatozoa were collected from all males throughout the year. Positive correlations were found between spermatozoal concentrations, testicular volume and body weight; however, no relationship existed between serum testosterone and either testes volume or seminal quality. No evidence of seasonality was observed in either seminal or hormonal traits. Serum cortisol and testosterone concentrations were not significantly different between anesthetized-electroejaculated gazelles and the same males subjected to anesthesia only. Spermatozoa longevity in vitro was prolonged by the addition of tissue culture solution to raw semen and further improved when seminal plasma was removed following centrifugation. This study 1) provides a data base for a little-studied nondomestic species, the Dorcas gazelle; 2) indicates that seminal traits and serum testosterone concentrations are not influenced by season; 3) demonstrates that electroejaculation is an effective technique for repeatedly collecting semen samples without acutely or chronically influencing gonadal or adrenal function.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)221-234
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Issue number2
StatePublished - Aug 1983

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