Prospective phase II trial of preoperative hypofractionated proton therapy for extremity and truncal soft tissue sarcoma: the PRONTO study rationale and design

Emile Gogineni, Hao Chen, Chen Hu, Karim Boudadi, Jessica Engle, Adam Levine, Curtiland Deville

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Background: Oncologic surgical resection is the standard of care for extremity and truncal soft tissue sarcoma (STS), often accompanied by the addition of pre- or postoperative radiation therapy (RT). Preoperative RT may decrease the risk of joint stiffness and fibrosis at the cost of higher rates of wound complications. Hypofractionated, preoperative RT has been shown to provide acceptable outcomes in prospective trials. Proton beam therapy (PBT) provides the means to decrease dose to surrounding organs at risk, such as the skin, bone, soft tissues, and adjacent joint(s), and has not yet been studied in patients with extremity and truncal sarcoma. Methods: Our study titled “PROspective phase II trial of preoperative hypofractionated protoN therapy for extremity and Truncal soft tissue sarcOma (PRONTO)” is a non-randomized, prospective phase II trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of preoperative, hypofractionated PBT for patients with STS of the extremity and trunk planned for surgical resection. Adult patients with Eastern Cooperative Group Performance Status ≤ 2 with resectable extremity and truncal STS will be included, with the aim to accrue 40 patients. Treatment will consist of 30 Gy radiobiological equivalent of PBT in 5 fractions delivered every other day, followed by surgical resection 2–12 weeks later. The primary outcome is rate of major wound complications as defined according to the National Cancer Institute of Canada Sarcoma2 (NCIC-SR2) Multicenter Trial. Secondary objectives include rate of late grade ≥ 2 toxicity, local recurrence-free survival and distant metastasis-free survival at 1- and 2-years, functional outcomes, quality of life, and pathologic response. Discussion: PRONTO represents the first trial evaluating the use of hypofractionated PBT for STS. We aim to prove the safety and efficacy of this approach and to compare our results to historical outcomes established by previous trials. Given the low number of proton centers and limited availability, the short course of PBT may provide the opportunity to treat patients who would otherwise be limited when treating with daily RT over several weeks. We hope that this trial will lead to increased referral patterns, offer benefits towards patient convenience and clinic workflow efficiency, and provide evidence supporting the use of PBT in this setting. Trial registration: NCT05917301 (registered 23/6/2023).

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number56
JournalRadiation Oncology
Issue number1
StatePublished - Dec 2024


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  • Particle
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