Parent Perceptions of a Validated Asthma Questionnaire in the Emergency Department

Geena Zhou, Lindsey R. Thompson, Frances Barry, Jessica Flores-Vazquez, Chloe Holifield, Bahareh Ravandi, Todd P. Chang, Jill S. Halterman, Peter G. Szilagyi, Sande O. Okelo

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Objective: While a number asthma questionnaires have been validated, most have not been used in an emergency department (ED) setting, nor evaluated patient feedback or clinical benefit. We sought to evaluate parent feedback on an asthma questionnaire used in an ED setting. Methods: We recruited parents of children 2–17 years old presenting to a tertiary pediatric ED for asthma care. Parents first completed then rated the Pediatric Asthma Control and Communication Instrument (PACCI-ED). Results: One hundred seventy-four parents (84%) completed surveys. Approximately two-thirds were Latinx, and 82% completed high school. Ninety-three percent of children had uncontrolled asthma. Parents endorsed the PACCI-ED: as easy to answer (94%); useful in understanding their child's asthma (83%); used the right words to describe their child's condition (95%); and would help the ED physician (93%) and primary care provider (PCP) (89%) better understand their child's asthma. Eleven percent reported that the PACCI-ED interfered with ED care. Parents with lower health literacy were more likely to agree the PACCI-ED asked more complete questions about their child's asthma than the ED physician (64% vs 45%, P =.02). Parents of children with uncontrolled asthma were more likely to agree that the PACCI-ED should become part of regular ED care (88% vs 62%, P =.02). Parents were more likely to agree that the PACCI-ED would help their PCP understand their child's asthma if they had a lower income (92% vs 50%, P <.001), less education (100% vs 88%, P =.004), were Latinx (94% vs 83%, P =.006), or were not using controller medication (93% vs 83%, P =.03). Conclusions: Parents endorse an asthma questionnaire as valuable during an ED encounter. Because it is endorsed to be valuable to parents, this questionnaire could be used to facilitate patient-centered asthma care.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalAcademic pediatrics
StateAccepted/In press - 2020


  • asthma survey
  • emergency department
  • parent perceptions

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