Overweight and Obesity Differences Across Ethnically Diverse Subgroups of Asian American Men

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Asian Americans develop health complications at lower BMIs than other racial/ethnic groups. Given increasing overweight and obesity rates nationwide, growing numbers of Asian American men, and limited research on overweight and obesity in this population, understanding overweight and obesity differences across Asian subgroups of men is crucial to advancing health equity. This study examined overweight and obesity prevalence both among ethnic subgroups of Asian American men and compared to non-Hispanic White (NHW) men. Prevalence ratios were derived from 2002 to 2015 National Health Interview Survey data to determine associations between race/ethnicity and (a) overweight, and (b) obesity, across (n = 221,376) racial/ethnic groups of men (Chinese; Filipino; Asian Indian; Other Asian; NHW). Overweight and obesity for all Asian subgroups were defined using Asian-specific BMI cut points. Adjusted overweight prevalence was higher across all Asian subgroups compared to NHW men, except Filipinos. No significant pairwise relationships were observed for overweight prevalence among Asian subgroups. Filipinos had higher adjusted obesity prevalence compared to NHW men. Comparing among Asian American men, Asian Indians and Other Asians had higher adjusted obesity prevalence relative to Chinese. Filipinos had higher adjusted obesity prevalence compared to all other Asian subgroups (Chinese; Asian Indian; Other Asian). The current findings highlight the need for use of (a) WHO-recommended Asian-specific BMI cut points and (b) data disaggregated by Asian American subgroup, to provide more accurate depictions of overweight and obesity rates and associated health risks. Accounting for subgroup differences is necessary to ensure Asian American men receive equitable, appropriate care.

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