Optical coherence tomography for retinal metastasis with unknown primary tumor.

Marco Coassin, Katayoon B. Ebrahimi, Joan M. O'Brien, Jay M. Stewart

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The authors describe the optical coherence tomography (OCT) findings and the therapeutic approach of a patient with metastatic neoplastic disease of the retina. A patient with a history of brain cancer of undetermined origin underwent imaging and surgery to investigate a suspected metastatic retinal lesion of the right eye. Retinal thinning with cordon-like hyperreflective structures was seen on OCT. Neoplastic cells consistent with small cell carcinoma were identified in the vitreous sample. Those cells were thought to be similar to the previous biopsied cerebellar tumor specimen. OCT imaging, along with vitrectomy and retinal biopsy, may be useful in the evaluation of patients with suspected metastatic lesions of the retina.

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