Nursing practice in the next decade: the impact on nursing and pharmacy systems.

M. F. Fralic

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Nursing practice in the year 2000 will occur within more regulated health care systems, with a much higher focus on the cost and the quality of the service that is delivered. Patients will have more complex illnesses and treatment regimens that will require that nurses have appropriate levels of education, experience, and clinical specialization. The nursing work force will change in its nature, cost, and composition. Nurses will operate in flatter organizations and within productive multiprofessional and technical work groups that operate as flexible, self-directed teams. New clinical practice models will be operational, and they will be adapted to the unique work and environment of each patient care unit. Practice will be restructured to incorporate clinical and nonclinical support. Work redesign and restructured practice environments will be essential to meeting the requirements for the future. Patients with complicated illnesses will continue to move through hospital systems at high speeds. Treatment regimens will be extremely complex. The requirement will be to emphasize high-quality and affordable care, while minimizing errors and complications. Technology will provide new challenges, new excitement, new dilemmas, and new demands. The ethical dimensions of care will become ever more challenging. The pharmacological aspects of treatment will gain in prominence. Mutual respect and mutual support will be the hallmarks of the nursing and pharmacy interface in the year 2000.

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