Nasal base retraction: A treatment algorithm

Süleyman Tas, Salih Colakoglu, Bernard Travis Lee

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Background: Nasal base retraction results from cephalic malposition of the alar base in the vertical plane, which causes disharmony of the alar base with the rest of the nose structures. Correcting nasal base retraction is very important for improved aesthetic outcomes; however, there is a limited body of literature about this deformity and its treatment. Objectives: Create a nasal base retraction treatment algorithm based on a severity classification system. Methods: This is a retrospective case review study of 53 patients who underwent rhinoplasty with correction of alar base retraction by the senior author (S.T.). The minimum follow-up time was 6 months. Levator labii alaque nasi muscle dissection or alar base release with or without a rim graft on the effected side were performed based on the severity of the alar base retraction. Aesthetic results were assessed with objective grading of preoperative and postoperative patient photographs by two independent plastic surgeons. Functional improvement was assessed with patient self-evaluations of nasal patency. Also, a rhinoplasty outcomes evaluation (ROE) questionnaire was distributed to patients. Results: Comparison of preoperative and postoperative photographs demonstrated that nasal base asymmetry was significantly improved in all cases, and 85% of the patients had complete symmetry. Nasal obstruction was also significantly reduced after surgery (P < 0.001). The majority of patients reported satisfaction (92.5%), with an ROE total score greater than or equal to 20. Conclusions: New techniques and a treatment algorithm for correcting nasal base retraction deformities that will help rhinoplasty surgeons obtain aesthetically and functionally pleasing outcomes for patients.

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JournalAesthetic surgery journal
Issue number6
StatePublished - Jun 1 2017
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