Myokard-Perfusion-Szintigraphie 2008 in Deutschland - Frgebnisse der viertan Erhebung

Translated title of the contribution: Myocardial perfusion scintigraphy 2008 in Germany results of the fourth query

O. Lindner, W. Burchert, F. M. Bengel, R. Zimmermann, J. Vom Dahl, W. Schäfer, O. Schober, M. Schäfers

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Aim: The working group Cardiovascular Nuclear Medicine of the German Society of Nuclear Medicine in cooperation with the working group Nuclear Cardiology of the German Cardiac Society herewith present the results of the 4th survey on myocardial perfusion scintigraphy (MPS) of the year 2008. Method: 310 questionnaires (191 private practices (PP), 93 hospitals (HO), 31 university hospitals (UH)) were evaluated. Results: MPS of 98947 patients were reported. 15% of them were younger than 50y, 57% between 50 and 70 y and 28% older than 70 y. 88% [2007:83%] of all were studied with Tc-99m perfusion tracers. The patient radiation exposure of a stress and rest protocol considering German standard recommended doses was 8.5 mSv, of a stress-only protocol 1.9 mSv. 77% [2007: 76%] of the MPS were performed in PP, 15% [2007:15%] in HO and 8% [2007:9%] in UH. From 2005 to 2008 there was a mild increase in the MPS numbers by 1.2% (PP +7.1%, HO -5.5%, UH -31.4%). The type of stress was pharmacological in 30% [2007: 27%]; 68% adenosine (of these 22% with exercise), 29% dipyridamole (of these 64% with exercise), and <1 % dobutamine. Gated SPECT was performed in 46% [2007:47%] of all rest and in 42% [2007: 44%] of all stress MPS. 62% [2007:61 %] of all institutions did not use perfusion scores. Conclusion: The MPS numbers from 2005 to 2008 in Germany can be regarded as stable. However, there are considerable shifts from HO and UH to PP. The well known potential of MPS considering risk stratification and functional analysis has not been tapped so far. Both gated SPECT and a quantitative perfusion analysis should be performed routinely in every patient.

Translated title of the contributionMyocardial perfusion scintigraphy 2008 in Germany results of the fourth query
Original languageGerman
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StatePublished - 2010
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