MR imaging of deltoid ligament pathologic findings and associated impingement syndromes

Avneesh Chhabra, Ty K. Subhawong, John A. Carrino

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Injuries of the deltoid ligament of the ankle are increasingly recognized with the widespread use of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. The use of higher magnetic field strengths requires familiarity with the anatomic substructure of the deltoid ligament to better localize and characterize pathologic findings. Specifically, improved image resolution allows components of the superficial (tibiocalcaneal, tibionavicular, posterior superficial tibiotalar, and tibiospring ligaments) and deep (anterior tibio-talar and posterior deep tibiotalar ligaments) portions of the ligament to be evaluated separately. Awareness of the deltoid ligament substructure and associated injury patterns can guide the radiologist in defining underlying mechanical derangement, such as that seen in various impingement disorders. In this review article, the MR imaging technique for the deltoid ligament is summarized, and the normal and abnormal MR imaging appearances of various components of the deltoid ligament and associated impingement syndromes are presented.

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StatePublished - May 2010
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