Memories of Victor McKusick

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Victor McKusick and I were appointed as departmental directors at Johns Hopkins 1 year apart. Thus, we were presented to the Biennial Alumni Meeting together as the newest chairs at Johns Hopkins. As would be typical for neurosurgeons, I was delayed in the operating room and reached the biennial banquet too late to be seated at the table in the front without disrupting the proceedings. I found myself with a group of internists celebrating a class reunion. They really did not know who I was, so when Victor was announced as the new chair of the great Department of Medicine at Johns Hopkins, they were free with their comments. All commented on what a fine choice he was. There was a general approval of his choice as the new chair, but it was colored by a reservation. One member of the group summarized the general feeling by saying Victor McKusick is a wonderful person and a wonderful choice. It is just too bad that his clinical interests are genetics and not something important like cardiology. It would be interesting to know what comments they might have today after Victor's accomplishments are recognized worldwide, and his seminal contributions to medical genetics, the greatest evolution in medicine of the past half-century, are world famous.

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