Management of chronic rhinosinusitis

T. S. Higgins, A. P. Lane

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Chronic rhinosinusitis is a common inflammatory disease with a variable etiology that is incompletely understood. This review article highlights current knowledge regarding disease pathophysiology and the principles used in its management. Diagnosis is based on a combination of history, symptoms, and inflammatory markers supported by nasal endoscopy and computed tomography (CT) imaging. Medical management aims to reduce inflammation and an infectious component when present. Surgical intervention may be required for recalcitrant disease, for improvement in symptoms and facilitation of topical drug penetration. Research is actively evaluating the causal mechanisms responsible for chronic rhinosinusitis, as well as the efficacy and long terms outcomes of current medical and surgical interventions.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)167-175
Number of pages9
Issue number4
StatePublished - Dec 2011


  • Diagnosis
  • Drug therapy
  • Operative
  • Pathophysiology
  • Sinusitis
  • Surgical procedures

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