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D. S. Coffey

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LUTS is a multifactorial disease. The role of the bladder in the etiology and management of LUTS/BPH became clearer during this meeting. α1-Adrenoceptor antagonists may not only be useful agents for targeting obstruction at the level of the prostate in LUTS/BPH but also for managing an over-active bladder. This includes male or female patients presenting with predominantly storage symptoms or patients with remaining storage symptoms after TURF. The role of α1-AR antagonists in these patients should be further explored. In LUTS/BPH, long-term use of α1A1D-selective agents such as tamsulosin not only provide fast relief of both voiding and bothersome storage symptoms but also seem to prevent serious complications such as AUR and the progression to surgery.

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JournalDrugs of Today
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StatePublished - Sep 26 2001

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