Investigation of the SV40 - Human cancer association: Look for the full signature of the virus

K. V. Shah, D. E.M. Rollison

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In the controversy about the association of simian virus 40 with human cancers, the greatest problem is the ascertainment of SV40 exposure. This difficulty would be resolved if one were to look for all components of SV40 infection. How does SV40 circulate in the human community? Do cancer patients with SV40-positive tumors have serological correlates of SV40 infection and of SV40-induced cancer? SV40 association with a cancer should be studied in the context of the known risk factors for that cancer. The tumor cell-virus relationship should be characterized with respect to viral integration and viral localization to the tumor cell. Specimens should be masked and the assays should include panels of specimens to estimate analytic sensitivity and specificity. In view of the rarity of some of the tumors reported to be associated with SV40, a multi-institutional investigation initiated and coordinated by the NIH would be most effective.

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JournalDisease Markers
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StatePublished - 2001
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  • Human cancers
  • SV40

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