Influence of family demographic factors on social communication questionnaire scores

Steven A. Rosenberg, Eric J. Moody, Li Ching Lee, Carolyn DiGuiseppi, Gayle C. Windham, Lisa D. Wiggins, Laura A. Schieve, Caroline M. Ledbetter, Susan E. Levy, Lisa Blaskey, Lisa Young, Pilar Bernal, Cordelia R. Rosenberg, M. Daniele Fallin

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This study examined the effect of demographic factors on Social Communication Questionnaire (SCQ) scores in children aged 30–68 months. Diagnoses of ASD were made after a gold standard evaluation that included the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), and the Autism Diagnostic Interview Revised (ADI-R). The relationship of demographic variables to SCQ scores was compared in two source populations: (a) children recruited from clinical and educational sources serving children who have ASD or other developmental disorders (CE) and (b) children recruited from birth certificates to represent the general population (BC). The impact of the demographic variables—child sex, child age, maternal language, maternal ethnicity, maternal education, maternal race, and household income—on total SCQ score were studied to examine their impact on the SCQ's performance. Demographic factors predicting the SCQ total score were used to generate ROCs. Factors that had a significant influence on SCQ performance were identified by examining the area under the ROCs. Optimal SCQ cut-points were generated for significant factors using the Youden's Index. Overall male sex, lower household income, lower maternal education and Black race predicted higher SCQ scores. In this sample, the most common optimum value for the SCQ cut-point across the different sociodemographic groups was 11. Autism Res 2018, 11: 695–706.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)695-706
Number of pages12
JournalAutism Research
Issue number5
StatePublished - May 2018


  • ASD
  • SCQ
  • demographic factors
  • screening

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