Improved parametric image generation using spatial-temporal analysis of dynamic PET studies

Yun Zhou, Sung Cheng Huang, Marvin Bergsneider, Dean F. Wong

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The value of parametric images that represent both spatial distribution and quantification of the physiological parameters of tracer kinetics has long been recognized. However, the inherent high noise level of pixel kinetics of dynamic PET makes it unsuitable to generate parametric images of the microparameters of tracer kinetic model by conventional weighted nonlinear least squares (WNLS) fitting. Based on the concept that both spatial and temporal information should be integrated to improve parametric image quality, a nonlinear ridge regression with spatial constraint (NLRRSC) parametric imaging algorithm was proposed in this study. For NLRRSC, a term that penalizes local spatial variation of parameters was added to the cost function of WNLS fitting. The initial estimates and spatial constraint were estimated by component representation model (CRM) with cluster analysis. A hierarchical cluster with average linkage method was used to extract components. The ridge parameter was determined by linear ridge regression theory at each iteration, and a modified Gauss-Newton algorithm was used for minimizing the cost function. Results from a computer simulation showed that the percent mean square error of estimates obtained by NLRRSC can be decreased by 60-80% compared to that of WNLS. The parametric images estimated by NLRRSC are significantly better than the ones generated by WNLS. A highly correlated linear relationship was found between the ROI values calculated from the microparametric images generated by NLRRSC and estimates from ROI kinetic fitting. NLRRSC provided a reliable estimate of glucose metabolite uptake rate with a comparable image quality compared to Patlak analysis. In conclusion, NLRRSC is a reliable and robust parametric imaging algorithm for dynamic PET studies.

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Number of pages11
Issue number3
StatePublished - Mar 2002
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