Ileal adenomas after colectomy in nine patients with adenomatous polyposis coli/Gardner's syndrome

Stanley R. Hamilton, H. J.R. Bussey, Geoffrey Mendelsohn, Mark P. Diamond, George Pavlides, David Hutcheon, Madeline Harbison, Dennis Shermeta, Basil C. Morson, John H. Yardley

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Adenomas of the ileal mucosa are an uncommon finding in adenomatous polyposis coli/Gardner's syndrome. We report 9 patients who were found to have ileal adenomas 1 yr 11 mo to 25 yr 11 mo after colectomy. The ileal adenomas occurred proximal to an ileorectal anastomosis in 7 patients, both proximal to a cecoproctostomy and later proximal to an ileostomy in 1 patient, and in an ileostomy in 1 patient. The cases confirm that ileal mucosa is susceptible to adenoma formation in adenomatous polyposis coli/Gardner's syndrome and thus provide additional evidence that adenomas are not confined to the colon in these patients. In addition, the findings in the cases suggest that the ileal adenomas developed after colectomy. Thus, our cases suggest that the small intestine should be studied for the presence of adenomas after colectomy with either ileoproctostomy or ileostomy, as well as before resection. On the other hand, aggressive management does not seem warranted as carcinoma of the jejunum and ileum has been reported only rarely.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1252-1257
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Issue number6
StatePublished - Dec 1979

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