Identification of transposition proteins encoded by the bacterial transposon Tn7

Karina A. Orle, Nancy L. Craig

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The bacterial transposon, Tn7, encodes an elaborate array of transposition genes, tnsABCDE. We report here the direct identification of the TnsA, TnsB, TnsC and TnsD polypeptides by immunoblotting. Our results demonstrate that the complexity of the protein information devoted to Tn7 transposition is considerable: the aggregate molecular size of the five Tns polypeptides is about 300 kDa. We also report the sequence of the tnsA gene and of the 5′ ends of tnsB and tnsD. This analysis reveals that all five tns genes are oriented in the same direction within Tn7.

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StatePublished - 1990
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  • Recombination
  • immunoblotting

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