Fibrous nodules found at large-core needle biopsy of the breast: Imaging features

Susan C. Harvey, Christine M. Denison, Susan C. Lester, Pamela J. DiPiro, Darrell N. Smith, Jack E. Meyer

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PURPOSE; To describe the imaging the histologic features of large-core needle biopsy (LCNB) specimens of fibrous nodules. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Of 853 breast masses in which LCNB was performed, 38 (4%) revealed histologic findings of fibrous nodules. Repeat biopsy was performed in 16 lesions (surgical excision, 13 lesions; repeat LCNB, three lesions). The mammographic and ultrasonographic findings in these 16 cases, the histologic LCNB findings, and the repeat biopsy findings were retrospectively reviewed. RESULTS: Repeat biopsy findings confirmed the diagnosis of fibrous nodules in 15 of the 16 masses. In one mass, repeat LCNB findings showed a fibroadenoma. The imaging features of the fibrous nodules varied. Five nodules (33%) manifested as masses with indistinct margins; six (40%), as circumscribed masses. In four cases (27%), imaging suggested malignancy. None were calcified masses. An additional 22 masses had circumscribed or indistinct borders and were diagnosed with LCNB as fibrous nodules. None of these masses had suspicious findings, and repeat biopsy was not performed. Conclusion: Fibrous nodules usually manifest as masses with circumscribed or indistinct margins but can have findings suggestive of malignancy. LCNB can reveal histologic findings consistent with this diagnosis. In all masses in which repeat biopsy was performed, the diagnosis of a fibrous nodule was confirmed or another benign stromal lesion was diagnosed.

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StatePublished - May 1999
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