Fibrinogen in Cryoprecipitate and Its Relationship to Factor VIII (AHF) Levels

P. M. Ness, H. A. Perkins

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Very little has been published to indicate the quantity of fibrinogen in cryoprecipitates. We assayed 88 preparations from five blood banks for factor VIII (AHF) and fibrinogen to assess whether the AHF assay can predict the fibrinogen content. Cryoprecipitate was considered to be consistent with FDA standards with 80 units of factor VIII/bag (40% yield from 200 ml plasma). Fibrinogen was considered adequate if 200 mg were recovered (40% yield, 200 ml plasma, normal range 150–350 mg/dl). The mean AHF was 145 units/bag and fibrinogen was 266 mg/bag. There was a wide range among bags. In 64/88 bags, the fibrinogen and AHF were concordant, but in 24/88 bags the results were discordant. Although it appears safe to conclude that a bag of cryoprecipitate will average 250 mg fibrinogen, adequate control may require separate assays for fibrinogen. 1980 AABB

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1980
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