Female Urethral Strictures: Review of Diagnosis, Etiology, and Management

Nnenaya Agochukwu-Mmonu, Sudarshan Srirangapatanam, Andrew Cohen, Benjamin Breyer

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Purpose of Review: In this review, we describe the incidence, diagnosis, and management of urethral strictures in women. Recent Findings: Definitive repair of urethral strictures in women traditionally utilizes vaginal and labial flaps. Oral mucosal buccal graft urethroplasty also has high success rates, with larger series demonstrating feasibility and durability. Summary: Urethral strictures in women are very rare. When they do occur, they are often difficult to diagnose, requiring a high index of suspicion. Women with urethral strictures often present with symptoms of obstructed urinary flow, such as incomplete emptying, straining, and elevated postvoid residual. First line, minimally invasive treatment consists of urethral dilation and urethrotomy, though urethrotomy is rarely performed. Repeat urethral dilation has low success rates compared with urethroplasty, which is a more definitive treatment.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number74
JournalCurrent urology reports
Issue number11
StatePublished - Nov 1 2019
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  • female urethral strictures
  • reconstruction
  • urethral strictures

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