Eyelid reconstruction

Timothy J. McCulley

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Plastic surgery of the eyelids is surprisingly complex. Numerous harmoniously functioning structures are delicately interwoven in an extremely compact space, including the eyelid retractors and protractors, portions of the lacrimal drainage and secretory systems, eyelashes, and supportive structures (suspensor ligaments, canthal tendons, and tarsal plates). Neglecting any one component can have devastating consequences. More common eyelid abnormalities amenable to surgical correction are summarized in Table 1. Multivolume text and numerous surgical atlases are dedicated exclusively to ophthalmic plastic surgery (1-3). Comprehensive coverage of this broad field in a single chapter is not feasible. Therefore, this section addresses the evaluation and surgical management of select commonly encountered eyelid abnormalities: dermatochalasis, blepharoptosis, eyelid retraction, lower eyelid malposition (entropion and ectropion), and reconstruction. Detailed descriptions of only the most common and central techniques are provided.

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