Experiences with the triple-lumen single-balloon tube in massive upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage

Marvin M. Nachlas

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1. Experiences with the use of a triple-lumen single-balloon tube in thediagnosis and treatment of patients bleeding massively from their upper gastrointestinal tract have been described. 2. The source of the hemorrhage in 20 patients as determined by the tubeobservations was confirmed by either roentgenologic, operative, or post-mortem findings in 18 instances. In 2 patients, the tube findings could not be substantiated by the other clinical measures employed, but the course of these patients was in agreement with the impressions gained from the use of the tube. 3. Tamponade of the bleeding site was partially or completely successful in10 of the 13 patients in which this was attempted. 4. Although we have had limited experience with many lesions producingupper gastrointestinal hemorrhage, the triple-lumen single-balloon tube has been found to be safe and to yield significant information regarding both the site of the hemorrhage in relation to the diaphragm and the amount of bleeding that was occurring, thus permitting early surgical intervention when indicated.

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StatePublished - 1956
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