Evaluation of a Speed Mentoring Program: Achievement of Short-Term Mentee Goals and Potential for Longer-Term Relationships

Melissa M. Cellini, Janet Rose Serwint, Donna M. D'Alessandro, Elaine E. Schulte, Cynthia Osman

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Objective Speed mentoring provides brief mentoring and networking opportunities. We evaluated 1) a national speed mentoring program's ability to encourage in-person networking and advice-sharing, and 2) 2 potential outcomes: helping mentees achieve 3-month goals, and fostering mentoring relationships after the program. Methods An outcome approach logic model guided our program evaluation. Sixty mentees and 60 mentors participated. Each mentee met with 6 mentors for 10 minutes per pairing. At the program, mentees created goals. At 3 months, mentors sent mentees a reminder e-mail. At 4 months, participants received a Web-based survey. Results Forty-two (70%) mentees and 46 (77%) mentors completed the survey. Participants reported the program allowed them to share/receive advice, to network, to provide/gain different perspectives, and to learn from each other. Mentors as well as mentees identified shared interests, mentor–mentee chemistry, mentee initiative, and mentor approachability as key qualities contributing to ongoing relationships. Many mentor–mentee dyads had additional contact (approximately 60%) after the program and approximately one-third thought they were likely to continue the relationship. Goal-setting encouraged subsequent mentor–mentee contact and motivated mentees to work toward attaining their 3-month goals. The mentors aided mentees goal attainment by providing advice, offering support, and holding mentees accountable. Conclusions A national speed mentoring program was an effective and efficient way to establish national connections, obtain different perspectives, and receive advice. Goal-setting helped mentees in achieving 3-month goals and fostering mentoring relationships outside of the program. These elements continue to be a part of this program and might be valuable for similar programs.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)537-543
Number of pages7
JournalAcademic Pediatrics
Issue number5
StatePublished - Jul 1 2017


  • goal-setting
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  • speed mentoring

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