Evaluating the utility of a global webinar for mentoring medical students and OBGYN residents in REI

Eliana Fine, Valerie R. Libby, Eduardo Hariton, Kamaria C. Cayton Vaught, Kelsey L. Anderson, Serena H. Chen, Eric J. Forman, Kenan Omurtag, Bradley S. Trivax

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BACKGROUND: In medical school and residency, clinical experiences influence trainee’s decisions on what medical specialty they choose. Most trainees have limited access to opportunities to engage in the field of reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI). Due to the COVID‑19 pandemic and the shutdown of away electives, exposure to REI was especially limited. This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of a live Q and A webinar on improving trainees’ access to mentorship and knowledge of the path to becoming a reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI) physician. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This study is a prospective paired cohort study. Medical students and OBGYN residents participated in a global Q and A webinar featuring REI physicians and fellows. 70 pre‑ and post‑webinar surveys were included in the analysis. Paired nonparametric tests (Wilcoxon signed‑rank test) were performed to assess whether post‑webinar knowledge was significantly different from pre‑webinar knowledge. RESULTS: Of the 268 registrants, 162 (60%) attended the live webinar. A majority of the respondents who completed both surveys were female (90%) and allopathic medical students (80%). Seventy‑seven percent reported receiving only minimal advice about an REI career from their medical school or residency program, while 22% reported receiving some advice, and 1% extensive advice. Thirty‑four percent had previously shadowed an REI physician and 23% had rotated in an REI office. Post‑webinar significantly more trainees had a better understanding of the REI field, the path required to become an REI physician, opportunities to find mentors in the field, opportunities that are conducive to learning more about REI, and applying for rotations in the REI field (p = <.00001). Eighty‑two percent agreed that their interest in REI increased due to this webinar. CONCLUSIONS: A webinar featuring REI physicians and fellows was effective in providing mentorship and career advisement for prospective REI trainees who otherwise expressed having limited access to the field.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number421
JournalJournal of Education and Health Promotion
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 2023


  • Coronavirus disease 2019
  • distance education
  • e‑learning
  • medical education
  • online teaching
  • physician mentorship

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