Essential role of mouse telomerase in highly proliferative organs

Han Woong Lee, Maria A. Blasco, Geoffrey J. Gottlieb, James W. Horner, Carol W. Greider, Ronald A. DePinho

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We have investigated the role of the enzyme telomerase in highly proliferative organs in successive generations of mice lacking telomerase RNA. Late-generation animals exhibited defective spermatogenesis, with increased programmed cell death (apoptosis) and decreased proliferation in the testis. The proliferative capacity of haematopoletio cells in the bone marrow and spleen was also compromised. These progressively adverse effects coincided with substantial erosion of telomeres (the termini of eukaryotic chromosomes) and fusion and loss of chromosomes. These findings indicate an essential role for telomerase, and hence telomerase, in the maintenance of genomic integrity and in the long-term viability of high-renewal organ systems.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)569-574
Number of pages6
Issue number6676
StatePublished - Apr 9 1998

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