Erratum to: Are T cells the only HIV-1 reservoir? [Retrovirology. 2016;13:86] DOI: 10.1186/s12977-016-0323-4

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Unfortunately, the original version of this article [1] contained an error. Table 1 has errors with the references. The correct Table 1 is found below. a There are discrepant data on the longevity of uninfected memory CD4+T cells and latent HIV-1 reservoirs therein. However, it is difficult to accurately estimate theT1/2 of HIV-1 infected T cells due to possible clonal proliferation: i.e., the listed T1/2 describes the duration of the HIV-1 reservoir itself, but does not directly address the T1/2 of the cell that harbors the reservoir b In the described experiments, donor alveolar macrophages were found 2-3 years after lung transplantation in human subjects: while we assume that these TRM persisted for this duration, it is possible that they underwent proliferation and replacement locally c The indicated longevity is for the infectious virions that were found on FDC dendrites, although it is controversial whether this cell type was actually infected.

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