Electrophysiology of airway nerves.

Allen C. Myers

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Several different electrophysiological approaches have been used to study the pharmacology of the afferent, central, and efferent nervous systems in airways. This unit describes electrophysiological methods used to study nerves in these pathways and includes: (1) extracellular recording of afferent nerve activity in vivo and from the isolated airway in vitro, (2) intracellular and patch clamp recording of identified airway sensory neurons, (3) patch clamp recording of secondary afferent central nervous system neurons, (4) in vitro and in vivo intracellular recording of intact parasympathetic ganglionic neurons, and (5) patch recordings of dissociated parasympathetic ganglionic neurons.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalCurrent protocols in pharmacology / editorial board, S.J. Enna (editor-in-chief) ... [et al.]
VolumeChapter 11
StatePublished - Dec 2007

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