Elecsys CEA, PSA and AFP. Clinical results of a multicentre evaluation.

W. Uhl, D. W. Chan, K. Jones, C. Kelley, G. Assmann, A. von Eckardstein, A. Sägers, J. P. Yvert, A. M. Schneider, A. Torralba, X. Fuentes-Arderiu, B. Gonzalez de la Presa, M. Vives, H. Greiling, A. Eberle, C. M. Niederau, P. Cremer, W. Reiter, M. Vogeser, D. NeumeierP. Luppa, U. Huber

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Three tumormarker assays, Elecsys CEA, PSA and AFP, have been evaluated in an international multicentre study to characterize their clinical performance and to verify the comparability with the corresponding tests of the Enzymun-Test product line and other methods. For each of the markers results were obtained from four laboratories. On the basis of 314 and 199 specimens respectively, (preliminary) reference ranges could be established for CEA and PSA. For the prostate marker, the age dependence of the antigen level could be clearly confirmed. Mean concentrations range between 0.51 ng/ml (<40 years) and 3.57 ng/ml (> 70 years). Referring to CEA, 95th percentiles of 4.31 ng/ml and 2.69 ng/ml were elaborated for smokers and nonsmokers. In general, good to excellent correlations (r > 0.98) were found between the Elecsys and Enzymun-Tests. Regarding the systematic comparability of both systems, most of the slopes derived from the individual method comparison studies are within the +/- 10% range of the respective standardization results. The specific distribution pattern of the individual tumormarker values elaborated with sample material of known clinical background, reflects the well established categorization of different benign and malignant diseases according to their characteristic marker levels. Of utmost importance, however, is the excellent comparability of the Elecsys assays with the corresponding Enzymun-Tests and the FDA approved AIA 1200 tests from TOSOH in follow-up studies. Almost superimposable concentration curves guarantee that identical diagnostic information is derived from all three methods. Especially for PSA, a series of measurements on sera of prostatectomized patients proved the usability and clinical value of the test also for this particular indication. For either one of the Elecsys tests, the feasibility of using plasma as sample material was verified.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)51-61
Number of pages11
JournalWiener Klinische Wochenschrift
Volume110 Suppl 3
StatePublished - 1998
Externally publishedYes

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