Efficacy of autologous fresh whole blood or platelet‐rich plasma in adult cardiac surgery

D. J. Triulzi, P. M. Ness, W. A. Baumgartner, L. W. Schultheis

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BACKGROUND: Transfusing fresh autologous blood during cardiac surgery may improve hemostasis and decrease the need for transfusion. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS: A prospective randomized study was performed with fresh whole blood (WB) obtained by intraoperative hemodilution (IH) and with platelet‐rich plasma (PRP) obtained by perioperative apheresis from adult cardiac surgery patients. RESULTS: Seventy patients were randomly assigned to three arms: 24 to the PRP arm, 18 to the IH arm, and 28 to serve as controls. A mean of 924 +/− 130 mL of WB was collected from the IH group, and a mean of 650 +/− 124 mL of PRP was collected from the PRP group (mean, 1.42 +/− 0.74 × 10(11) platelets); these components were transfused after bypass. Preoperative measures were similar among groups. Intraoperatively, the groups did not differ in bypass time, estimated blood loss, number of transfusions, or proportion receiving transfusion(s). Postoperatively, control patients had more mediastinal drainage (736 mL vs. 476 mL [IH] and 463 mL [PRP]; p = 0.014), but there was no difference in the proportion of patients requiring red cell transfusion (p = 0.87), the hemoglobin at discharge (p = 0.20), or the length of hospitalization (p = 0.57). CONCLUSION: Although a hemostatic benefit manifested as reduced postoperative bleeding was observed, this study does not support the use of fresh blood components obtained by IH or PRP collection during low‐risk cardiac surgery. Additional studies are needed to assess whether more aggressive component collection or the use of these techniques in high‐ risk cases may have a greater impact on clinical outcome variables, including transfusion. 1995 AABB

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - Aug 1995

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